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Freight/Goods Elevator

Brand :        Larsson

Supply :              999

Payment :           T/T

Port :         Shanghai

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Full-computer professional control system, classic and reliable driving style, outstanding performance of door operating structure, high-intensity car design, make our freight elevators suitable for different locations easily. With full specifications, good performance, high reliability and superior performance-price ratio, LARSSON freight/goods/cargo elevators provide relevant solutions for diversified cargo carrying and can be suitable for different architectures’ construction, extensively used in goods transportation locations, such as factory, producing line, workshop, marketplace, shopping center and exhibition hall.

  LARSSON Freight/Goods Elevator new!

1. Speed:1.0m/s,0.5m/s,0.25m/s
2. Load:1000kg / 2000kg / 3000kg / 4000kg / 5000kg
3. Traction Geared / Traction Gearless / Hydraulic
4. with a Machine Room / Machine Roomless