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Hydraulic Elevator

Brand :        Larsson

Supply :              999

Payment :           T/T

Port :         Shanghai

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Hydraulic elevator is different from other elevators. It has its own unique advantageous performance and applicability. “LARSSON” hydraulic elevator adopts the pump and drive motor with the high quality and performance. It brings about an extremely quiet and smooth elevator running. It also utilizes the multiple security means such as the anti-stalling device, one-way valve which prevents from the return flow of the hydraulic oil,etc.

“LARSSON” hydraulic elevator not only has the high leveling accuracy, but also has the stable and sound running condition, high reliability, low operational cost. It is widely applicable for the museum, library, apartment, airport building, bank and so on.

Features and Benefits:
  • Quickly installed, easily maintained and 100% factory tested
  • Emerged motor design ensures quiet operation
  • Modular design allows individual components to be replaced easily and inexpensively
  • Produce less stress on the shaft, therefore suiting both retrofit sites and new construction
  • In-ground, dual upright, dual telescopic and dual roped types are available
  • Eco-friendly hole-less design reduces costs, improvesefficiency and allows for easier site preparation while jamb-mounted features help reduce installation time
  • Advanced European technology realizes more comfortable transportation
  • Machine-room can be set on any floor, giving customers more choices

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